June 15, 2009  The fuselage kit finally arrived and I began construction of the various bulkheads.  The firewall came first.  I am not going to bore you anymore with the dreaded 3 D's of aircraft construction which as you know by now is the drill, deburr and dimple stages of preparing the parts to make them ready for assembly.

June 18, 2009  Here is a shot of the various firewall angles and brackets primed and ready for riveting to the stainless steel firewall.


June 18, 2009  Clecoed up and ready to rivet.

June 20, 2009  Here it is in all it's glory.  Riveted up with the exception of the firewall recess which will get done later since it allows easier access to some of the stuff under the panel later in the process.


June 20, 2009  A shot of the front side of the firewall.

June 21, 2009  Began working on the spar carry through bulkhead.  Fabbed up he control column mounts and bolted them into place.  I also had to drill several holes for the various wiring to pass through as well as the rudder cables. Riveted on the vertical support bars which get riveted to the side skins.

June 21, 2009  Another shot of the spar carry through.

June 22, 2009  A shot of the completed assembly.

June 24, 2009  Began construction of the other bulkheads in the tail of the airplane.  Here is the one at the rear of the baggage compartment almost ready to rivet together.  Somehow I don't have pictures of the other bulkheads under construction, so they will magically appear during assembly of the tailcone.


August 8, 2009  Here we go, turning lots of small parts into big parts.  This is the tailcone during the rivet process.  I managed to solo buck all of the rivets by leaving the side skins free while I bucked the rivets attaching them to the lower center skin.  Then I continued by riveting the side skins to the bulkheads.


August 8, 2009   Almost there, notice all the stringers are riveted and the only thing left is the skin to bulkhead rivets.  Still a lot of rivets are done.

August 8, 2009   There it is, waiting on me to finish the center section.

August 9, 2009  Began the center section by prepping the various seat ribs.  Here is a shot of making the cut-out in the centermost ribs to allow the controls to be installed.

August 9, 2009  Riveted the seat ribs to the spar carry through bulkhead and though not shown in the pictures to the bulkhead which is the support for the seat backs and roll bar, as well as the baggage floor ribs.

August 16, 2009  Prepped the lower skin clecoed it together ready to rivet this sucker together.  I am running out of room in the garage with all these large parts in there.  I am going to have to do some re-arranging.





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